Access the internet or your institution's network via an encrypted connection.

eduVPN is an easy to deploy VPN solution designed for and by the research and education community. eduVPN acts as a private network, sending and receiving data as if a user’s device was directly connected. Users benefit from quicker functionality and additionally security, from a service that is simple to deploy.

With more people working from home or working remotely in other locations, organisations have increased demand on their VPN. While eduroam is a secure environment with authenticated access to the internet and local encryption, many public WiFi services can be insecure. 

During the lockdown period REANNZ engineers were able to support the IT team at Malaghan Institute of Medical Research with the deployment of a trial eduVPN solution that they continue to use today. Research teams at Malaghan had been experiencing issues with their existing VPN platform both in scaling and capability during the move to working remotely. Read more here.

Technical design information

Find the full break down of technical, design components of the eduVPN service here.
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There is also more information available on the eduVPN website.

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