Simple, easy and secure roaming wifi service, provided at thousands of hotspots across more than 100 countries.

eduroam separates the concepts of authentication (identity providers, IdPs) and hotspots (service providers, SPs), allowing public, commercial or city wide wifi initiatives as well as enabling research and education institutions to better connect with each other.

Capabilities and features

Free service for users - there is no charge for using eduroam.
Simple and easy to use - user authentication is done by the user’s home institution.
Secure - eduroam is based on the most secure authentication and encryption standards.

Who can use this service?

Access to the eduroam service is one of the many benefits of becoming a REANNZ member. All members have the option of offering eduroam to their students, researchers or staff to use at their home institution and at any other participating institution in New Zealand and around the world.

Which institutions are participating in eduroam?

Map graphic highlighting countries that provide eduroam

Technical requirements

In order to give your users access to eduroam on your campus, you will need the following:

  • An Identity Management System (IdP), where your users' electronic identities are stored.

  • A RADIUS server, which needs to be connected to your IdPs.

  • Configuration of your wireless LAN according to the eduroam requirements.

The RADIUS hierarchy forwards user credentials securely to the users’ home institutions, where they are verified and validated. To protect the privacy of the traffic from the user’s device over the wireless network, the latest up-to-date data encryption standards are used. The user’s home institution is responsible for maintaining and monitoring user information, even when the user is at a guest campus - meaning that this data is not shared with other connected institutions.

eduroam CAT

The eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) has been developed to help organisations offering their users eduroam access. The tool is customised to support your campus's individual configuration and implements this across a variety of platforms. It builds customised installers for a range of popular PC and smartphone platforms and enhances the security for the end-user. The tool adds another layer of protection for users against rogue wi-fi hotspots that could potentially access their usernames and passwords. The tool builds a specific configuration for each participating organisation - users should ensure that they are downloading the correct installer.
Find more information about eduroam CAT here.

If your institution uses CAT, download your installer here.

eduroam managed IdP

Managed eduroam IdP is a service that outsources the technical setup of an eduroam IdP function to the eduroam Operations Team. It is available for organisations with less than 200 users that may lack the infrastructure capability to manage their own eduroam IdP. This allows the institution to focus on its users and frees up valuable technical support resource.

Find more information about eduroam managed IdP here.

Manage or make changes to your eduroam hosted IdP here.

eduroam Visitor Access

The eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service allows issuing temporary credentials that users can use to access connect to the eduroam network at an organisation they're visiting, even though they're not affiliated with any organisation participating in eduroam. This provides a "guest WiFi" solution that member organisations can use.

The eVA service provides a web interface where authorized users from member institutions can create visitor credentials. The credentials get delivered to the end-user via a TXT message or email, but other means are also available (such as pre-printed sheets of accounts, or event codes allowing self-service via an incoming TXT message).

For a member organisation to start using eVA, a representative needs to be invited into eVA as the organisation's overall administrator. The administrator would then assign privileges to create visitor accounts within the organisation.

Visit to access the eVA management interface.

eduroam member portal

The eduroam member portal is available for member admins to self-manage their eduroam deployment and provides information on where eduroam is available throughout New Zealand.


eduroam is provided by GÉANT (the pan-European NREN) and can be implemented by NRENs or institutions. For more information visit

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Get in touch with the team at if you have any questions or would like to know more about eduroam as a service. 

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