Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways: REANNZ Response

Te Ara Paerangi - Future Pathways is a multi-year programme focused on the future of New Zealand’s research system. The programme seeks to start an open and wide-ranging conversation on a range of issues facing the research system, how these issues might be addressed, and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Our submission outlines REANNZ's view that research system access, supported by strong governance is key to enabling the level of collaboration envisaged in the green paper. Equitable system access means all parties having the required level of access to systems, databases, and research infrastructure no matter who they work for or where they are based.

To deliver equitable access across the research system the following needs to be considered:

  1. Access for all - the capabilities of the research system should be available to all organisations engaging in research on a merit or strategic basis.

  2. Governance - establishing an independent research council to govern the research system.

  3. Researchers everywhere - cost must not be a barrier to access.

  4. Providing access - is not just about connectivity; it is about interoperability.

  5. Future talent - the system needs to look for opportunities to lean in more to the education system to purposefully build the talent pipeline.

Our submission considers these key areas in more detail and responds to the following themes raised by the green paper including funding, the research workforce and national research infrastructure. REANNZ looks forward to working with the sector to further develop the thinking in the submission and maximising our contribution to enabling a sector that is connected, adaptable and resilient.

Read the full REANNZ Te Ara Paerangi – Future Pathways submission here.

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