REANNZ welcomes Sapere report

REANNZ welcomes the MBIE-commissioned Sapere report released today on New Zealand’s high-speed research network.

REANNZ welcomes the MBIE-commissioned Sapere report released today on New Zealand’s high-speed research network.

Janine Smith, REANNZ’s Chair, says the report provides a well-considered and in-depth review of the networking part of New Zealand’s research infrastructure.

“It is pleasing that the report reaffirms the importance of REANNZ’s high-performance network, which is New Zealand’s designated National Research and Education Network (NREN).

“It recognises this high-performance network is tuned for the unique needs of the research and education sector, rather than the mass market. It is instrumental in supporting the work of New Zealand’s data-intensive scientists, researchers, innovators and educators, nationally and internationally.

“Data-intensive research is growing rapidly in New Zealand, led by areas including radio astronomy, medical imaging and genetics. Last year for example, REANNZ saw a 61% year-on-year increase in international research and education traffic.”

Ms Smith says the report identifies some areas for development, with many underway and others already completed.

“We are already working to improve our relationships with our members from universities and Crown Research Institutes, by implementing more open and transparent processes.”

Going forward, they will be involved in and provide guidance on decisions that affect the future development of the REANNZ network, based on sound economic and technical principles and focused on the current and future needs of REANNZ customers and stakeholders.

“We have a project underway to review network costs to identify how else the network may be used to gain greater cost efficiencies for members.”

“We will also work to increase all stakeholders’ understanding of the REANNZ network and the benefits of being a member of the global NREN community.

“This report provides an important opportunity for REANNZ to demonstrate our value to the sector and to deliver the most cost-effective, high-quality service possible to members.”

View a full copy of the report: New Zealand's high speed research network

Contact: Hazel Dobbie, Communications and Marketing Manager, REANNZ,, 0211993088

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