Future of Research – exploring the future use cases of research and technology

Future of Research Use Cases pdf.

As an outcome of a collaborative working group with members participating across the research and education community, REANNZ shares the Future of Research Use Cases paper, that imagines how data-intensive research may look in the next decade and beyond.

The use cases are not predictive, but speculative, and based on ideas and suggestions shared from the group. However, the increasing role complex data sets and analytics will play in research, science, and technology and the ability to support edge computing can be confidently anticipated. From connecting and weaving knowledge systems together to support healthy communities to creating a digital volcano, all of the use cases share the theme of great interdisciplinary, and in some cases transdisciplinary, research that often involves collaboration with international partners. The six use cases covered in this paper cover a wide range of different research collaborations; as such, they reflect the broad nature of research undertaken in Aotearoa.

REANNZ’s (or a successor’s) role in the use cases is intentionally absent because the cases are intended to stimulate thinking about what its role and others in the sector roles could be. With the pace of technological development, and the skills needed to adopt new technologies, REANNZ’s functions are likely to change so that it can better facilitate access to the capabilities and infrastructure that research and education organisations, and individual researchers, will need.

Thank you to the contributors and participants that took part in the Future of Research workshop discussions and gave up their time to help define these use cases.

We now look forward to working further with our membership and the sector to understand how the REANNZ high speed data network needs to evolve over the coming years to support these varied use cases.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with the team at engagement@reannz.co.nz.

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