Tracking New Zealand's movements

GNS Science monitor natural events, from earthquakes and volcanoes to landslides and tsunamis.

REANNZ member GNS Science measure and track New Zealand’s movements, from earthquakes to volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis. Tracking this activity is a relatively new science, but the more data we gather, the more we can prepare for and respond to events. 

The Canterbury earthquakes were some of the most thoroughly recorded in history. We know that on the 22nd February 2011 the maximum level of shaking was two times the force of gravity, in other words enough to launch you off the ground. 

We need data from these events so that we know the environment we live in, and sharing that data can help scientists across the globe learn more about how, why and when earthquakes happen.

Watch our interview with Dr. Ken Gledhill PhD to hear more about what GNS Science does with the support of REANNZ:

Dr. Ken Gledhill from GNS Science talks about their monitoring systems

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