REANNZ, the Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand, is New Zealand’s designated National Research and Education Network (NREN).

REANNZ operates and supports a specialist high-performance digital network that is engineered to meet the unique performance demands of scientists, researchers, innovators and educators. It’s used by researchers to access, move and share data-intensive research around the country and across the world, enabling them to collaborate and contribute to world-leading research to benefit New Zealand and the world. REANNZ engineers also develop and support solutions to address complex technical issues in this specialist environment. 

We are a not-for-profit Crown-owned company under Schedule 4A of the Public Finance Act 1989. Our Shareholding Ministers are the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation. We’re governed by our Board of Directors who are appointed by the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation. REANNZ is funded through MBIE’s Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) and by our member organisations.

Our small team supports 42 member organisations from New Zealand’s universities, Crown Research Institutes, institutes of technology and polytechnics, wānanga and the wider education, research and innovation sector.  

We are an active member of the international community made up of over 120 National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). REANNZ and these national networks have agreed protocols and settings which enables them to provide a seamless international research infrastructure to enable traffic to transit to or through their countries.  Read more about the international research and education community.

Globally, research is becoming increasingly data-intensive. REANNZ ensures New Zealand can not only participate, but remain at the competitive edge of science and research. This has important implications for New Zealanders, as the work done by our research communities leads to innovations in areas such as climate change, healthcare and agriculture.

Today, a dedicated and high-performance specialist research and education network is a signal of a country’s commitment to, and value placed on, data-intensive science. The New Zealand government now requires applicants for data science research funding to have access to an advanced network.

What we do
REANNZ’s high performance network enables researchers to collaborate and contribute to world-leading research to benefit New Zealand and the world.

Global research and education community
The global research and education community connect and collaborate through national research and education networks (NRENs).

What is an NREN?

Who uses REANNZ?

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