REANNZ international network

We're part of a seamless global network of over 120 NRENs

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REANNZ is part of a global network of over 120 NRENs who work together to seamlessly connect researchers across the globe to enable them to collaborate and contribute to research.

REANNZ is an anchor tenant on the Hawaiki Cable with connectivity to both Sydney and Seattle, with options to breakout in Hawaii.

In Australia, REANNZ connects to large cloud providers including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Dropbox, commodity international internet, and to the Australian NREN, AARNet.

The US sites have the same connectivity as the Australian site, but include connectivity to the high-speed, purpose-built PacificWave NREN fabric which provides connectivity to around 120 other NRENs across Europe, the United States, Asia, South America and Africa. It also provides access to non-NREN content and services. 

Key facts

Typical round-trip time between Auckland and Sydney is 35 milliseconds.

Typical round-trip time between Auckland and Seattle is 133 milliseconds.

International topology maps

REANNZ connects with other countries and regions:

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