Managed Firewall Service

Creating a secure perimeter.

A well-managed firewall protects the security of your organisation by allowing only authorised traffic into your environment while facilitating collaboration and data sharing with external research partners.

The REANNZ managed firewall service is designed to meet the specialist performance, protection, visibility and information requirements of members, and the wider research and education community.

Features include

Authorised access only

REANNZ will help members create a pragmatic rule base that permits legitimate traffic and discards unauthorised, suspicious content.

Advanced threat detection and intelligence

Using data gathered from global sources, the REANNZ managed firewall will inspect traffic flowing in and out of your organisation and enact policy decisions, such as blocking malicious websites or attachments.

Sophisticated traffic inspection

The REANNZ managed firewall identifies and manages traffic based upon port, protocol or IP address; it also optionally provides virus detection and provides visibility of application use.

Detection and prevention of unauthorised access attempts

The REANNZ managed firewall can optionally look for and blocks suspicious content through integrated intruder prevention.


Using a distributed hardware architecture, the REANNZ managed firewall will keep costs down while optimising performance and security.

Secure VPNs

Secure site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) will enable your users to safely and securely send and receive data across shared or public networks. Remote VPNs are also available with optional hardware.

Network segmentation

Enhance security by using the REANNZ managed firewall to internally segregate components of your network to limit your exposure in the event of a compromise.


  • 24/7 service management.

  • Traffic visibility.

  • Consultancy and professional services.

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