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eResearch in New Zealand

Use our network to accelerate your science and exploration by getting involved and collaborating with New Zealand’s eResearch community.

What is eResearch?

eResearch is about enhancing research outcomes through the use of advanced information and collaboration technology. eResearch is an increasingly important field that is gaining traction in New Zealand, as research produces ever more data (which is stored, shared, analysed and modelled) and is in need of ever-stronger multi-disciplinary collaboration. Early eResearch in New Zealand was supported by BeSTGRID (Broadband enabled Science and Technology Grid) and the Capability Build Fund.

We support our communities’ eResearch efforts by enabling unconstrained, high performance access to tools, resources and people across New Zealand and out to the rest of the world.

See the ‘What is eResearch’ post on the eResearch New Zealand website for a local, community view on eResearch in New Zealand.

eResearch in action

By employing eResearch methodologies, scientists can work effectively together irrespective of their geographical location. eResearch means researchers can:

  • Share and analyse data and information in real-time
  • Create new research collaborations
  • Use re-use data and information in novel ways
  • Keep accurate archives of research information to share later
  • Share equipment and infrastructure
  • Participate in solving complex global problems through international collaborations

Many of our case studies demonstrate how our members are using our network to support their eResearch activities.

eResearch communities in New Zealand

eResearch communities of practice are beginning to pull together in New Zealand. The following national groups have resources you can check out online:

eResearch New Zealand

eResearch New Zealand is our community's local eResearch hub. Here you can find updates and commentary on eResearch service and policy developments in New Zealand. eResearch New Zealand also organise an annual eResearch conference, and a Summer of eResearch programme to support young talent.

eResearch @Otago

eResearch @Otago is run by the eResearch Advisory Group at the University of Otago, a sub-committee of the University’s Research Committee. They support and promote eResearch across the University through various initiatives, including a bi-annual regional seminar.

Services for eResearch

National eResearch services and infrastructure are available now for our research community, all of which run on top of our network. You can find an evolving and editable list of eResearch resources on the KAREN wiki.


BeSTGRID delivers services for researchers and research collaborations to access computational resources, shared datasets and storage, and to support distributed work using collaboration tools.


Bluefern provides world-class supercomputing power and related services to New Zealand’s scientists.

Tuakiri  - New Zealand Access Federation

Tuakiri will provide secure and seamless access to national research tools using one set of credentials.

New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)

New Zealand eScience Infrastructure will provide coordinated access to superior computing power through high performance computing resources and associated services.

eResearch across the globe

eResearch is a global phenomenon – it is how modern research is being done worldwide and often involves cross-country collaboration.

Here’s a few pointers to some international eResearch resources and initiatives across the globe:


by Dr. Radut.